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BauerEgil LindhartArchaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsOslo4520517345205173

Egil Lindhart BauerArchaeologist

Phone: 45205173Mobile: 45205173


Egil Bauer is an archaeologist who started working in NIKU in 2014. His work comprises mainly archaeological surveillance and excavation projects in the medieval part of Oslo.

Bauer has an MA from the University of Oslo, where he wrote his thesis on the church topography in medieval Iceland. Parts of his master’s studies where carried out at Lund University, focusing on building archaeology and historical archaeology. In addition, his range of subjects includes history, history of religion, Medieval Latin, and art history, including Christian iconography from The Norwegian Institute in Rome.

Bauer has wide experience from large archaeological projects. He was excavation supervisor in the Avaldsnes Royal Manor Project run by the Museum of Cultural History in 2011–2014, and for four seasons he worked in the Hólar Project in northern Iceland. In addition, he has worked at NIKU’s office in Tønsberg, and has had short periods of employment in Akershus County Council, at the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, and at the Museum of Cultural History.

Bauer’s areas of competence include the Nordic Middle Ages, historical archaeology, churches, interaction between medieval royal and episcopal power, building archaeology, and communication of archaeology to both young and old.


CadamarteriJulianArchaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsTrondheim4169961341699613

Julian CadamarteriArchaeologist

Phone: 41699613Mobile: 41699613

Julian has an MA in Archaeology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. His master´s thesis “Locks and keys in medieval Trondheim” is based on archaeological material from excavations in Trondheim. In addition to archaeology he has studied several subsidiary subjects, including history, history of religion and art history.

Julian has worked on numerous archaeological excavations and archaeological surveys from Oslo in the south to Finnmark in the north. Including projects for the following institutions: NTNU University Museum, the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo, Bergen University Museum, North Trøndelag County and the Sami Parliament of Norway. His wide ranging fieldwork experience spans everything from Mesolithic excavations to contemporary archaeology and surveying Sami cultural heritage. During his work he has developed an expertise in digital archaeological surveying and archaeological metal detecting. Julian is especially interested in medieval and post-medieval archaeology, conflict archaeology and material culture studies.

DerrickMichaelArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsOslo

Michael Derrick

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DunlopAlexander RoryArchaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsBergen9084247190842471

Alexander Rory DunlopArchaeologist

Phone: 90842471Mobile: 90842471

Alexander Rory Dunlop is an archaeologist who has been working at NIKU’s Bergen office since the institute was established in 1994.
Prior to that he was attached to the Directorate for Cultural Heritage’s Bergen excavation unit. All told, he has more than 30 years’ experience of all kinds of archaeological investigations behind him, mainly in the medieval towns of Bergen and Stavanger.

He has become increasingly specialized in aspects of archaeological deposit monitoring since 2001, particularly in connection with the work at the world heritage site of Bryggen in Bergen, and has contributed to the production of two major works dealing with monitoring practices in Norway, one of these works being a Norwegian Standard.

Ekstrøm JordahlHanneArchaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsTønsberg92497822

Hanne Ekstrøm JordahlArchaeologist

Phone: Mobile: 92497822


Hanne Ekstrøm Jordahl is an archaeologist specialising in osteoarchaeology (skeletal analysis) and works at NIKU's regional office in Tønsberg, where she has been employed since 2007.

Ekstrøm has a cand. philol. (second cycle) degree and studied at the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo. She also specialised in osteoarchaeology at the Osteoarchaeological Research Laboratory at Stockholm University. She has extensive archaeological experience from different types of archaeological investigations ranging from prehistoric to medieval and post-reformation cultural heritage sites.

Hanne's spheres at NIKU include medieval towns and churches, church sites, monasteries and their cemeteries. She specialises in graves and burial customs spanning all eras, with a particular focus on unburnt human skeletal remains from the Middle Ages. She is responsible for project management/ excavation management, investigations, and osteoarchaeological analyses.  

FuranNora FronthArchaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsOslo9346623093466230

Nora Fronth FuranArchaeologist

Phone: 93466230Mobile: 93466230

Nora Front Furan is an archaeologist who has been working at NIKU’s office in Oslo since 2015.

Furans works mainly with archaeological watching briefs and excavation projects in the medieval towns of Oslo, Sarpsborg and Hamar. She has an MA in archaeology from the University of Oslo and an MA in cultural heritage from NTNU.

Furan`s areas of interest and competence includes cultural heritage management and organization, the Nordic Middle Ages and the Viking Age.

HalvorsenSunniva WilbergArchaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsTønsberg92626778

Sunniva Wilberg HalvorsenArchaeologist

Phone: Mobile: 92626778

Sunniva Wilberg Halvorsen is an archaeologist, who has been working at NIKU’s office in Tønsberg since 2013. Her work comprises mainly archaeological watching briefs and excavation projects in medieval Tønsberg.

She has an MA in Archaeology from the University of Bergen. In addition, her range of subjects includes history, history of religion, and a specialisation in textile science and textile archaeology from the University College of Borås. 

Sunniva has wide experience from several different kinds of archaeological projects. She has previously worked as a museum curator at Lofotr Viking Museum, and as a museum leader and bureaucrat for the municipality of Nore og Uvdal. She has worked as an archaeologist for the University Museums in Oslo and Stavanger, and for the County Councils of Troms, Oppland, Buskerud and Møre og Romsdal.

HalvorsenIngridArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsTrondheim98641510

Ingrid Halvorsen

Phone: Mobile: 98641510

HaugestenLarsArchaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsTønsberg46427826

Lars HaugestenArchaeologist

Phone: Mobile: 46427826

Lars Haugesten is an archaeologist and worked on NIKU's Follo Project in 2014. From August 2015, Lars was the field supervisor for the Anders Madsen's Gate-project in Tønsberg, and since the project's conclusion he has worked on other smaller projects. His qualifications include a Bachelor's in Archaeology from the University of Oslo and a Master's degree in Archaeology from the University of Copenhagen.

After graduating in 2009, Lars worked at the Museum of Copenhagen, where he participated in the Metro Project and other smaller projects in central Copenhagen. He has also worked for other Danish museums, amongst other things as field supervisor for the Lolland-Falster Museum's tunnel project between Denmark and Germany.

Since June 2016, Lars has been substituting as a coordinator in Tønsberg.
HegdalHåvardArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsOslo

Håvard Hegdal

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HelstadMagnusArchaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsOslo9322905893229058

Magnus HelstadArchaeologist

Phone: 93229058Mobile: 93229058

Magnus Helstad is an archaeologist and works on the major excavation projects in the medieval ruins in Oslo. He has a Master's Degree in Archaeology from the University of Oslo and has previously studied history, art history and political science.

Helstad has varied archaeological field experience from major projects for, amongst others, Hedmark County, the Museum of Cultural History (KHM), the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Cultural Heritage Management Office.

Helstad is interested in medieval urban development and historical archaeology.
HobækHalldisArchaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsBergen9228925292289252

Halldis HobækArchaeologist

Phone: 92289252Mobile: 92289252


Halldis Hobæk is an archaeologist and works at NIKU’s regional office in Bergen. She works mainly with administration, project management and archaeological investigations.

She has diverse experience from archaeological field work, such as visual surveys in outfield areas, search trenches, excavations and more. She has previously worked for Buskerud county and the University Museum of Bergen, among others. She also has experience from archeological investigations in medieval towns and the use of ArcGIS. From 2010 to 2014 she was part of the Assembly Project, a research project at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo, focusing on assembly sites in Western Norway in the Viking age and the medieval period.

Hobæk has a master’s degree in archaeology from the University of Bergen, with a thesis on manorial structures around the royal manor Sem in Vestfold in the middle ages and late iron age. Scientific interest areas include the medieval and late iron age periods in general, landscape analysis, historical archaeology, combining archaeology and omomastic material, to name but a few.

JantschAnn KathrinArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsTrondheim93466200

Ann Kathrin Jantsch

Phone: Mobile: 93466200

Ann Kathrin Jantsch is an archaeologist who specialises in osteoarchaeology (skeletal analysis); she works at NIKU's regional office in Trondheim, where she started in June 2016.

She has a cand. philol. (second cycle) degree and was educated at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Lund University. Her dissertation was on skeletal remains from the colonial era in Argentina.

Ann Kathrin has accumulated extensive experience in cultural heritage conservation, in the spheres of management, planning, development, signage and maintenance, field work, exhibition and dissemination She has been involved in small and large projects on both national and international levels and has extensive experience with control registration for the county authorities. In recent years, she has worked on cultural heritage conservation at the municipal level, for example she was involved in the development of a municipal sector plan for cultural heritage sites and environments.

Her fields of interest include the protection and use of cultural heritage, development and value creation, increasing knowledge about cultural heritage in the government administration , tombs from more recent eras and issues pertaining to tithing. She has published papers on human skeletal remains and burial customs.

At NIKU she works as a consultant on the coordination, planning and implementation of archaeological research in surveillance, excavation and environmental monitoring projects.
JohansenLise-Marie ByeHead of department / archaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsOslo2335504348137516

Lise-Marie Bye JohansenHead of department / archaeologist

Phone: 23355043Mobile: 48137516

Lise-Marie Bye Johansen is an archaeologist and has been working at NIKU since 2005. Johansen works mainly on archaeological excavation projects in Oslo, but also on projects relating to environmental monitoring.

She has been project manager for both large and projects, all related to the city development of Bjørvika in Oslo.

She has a lot of experience in planning and carrying out archaeological projects on building sites. Lise-Marie is a graduate of the University of Oslo.

LorvikKatharinaArchaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsBergen93204665

Katharina LorvikArchaeologist

Phone: Mobile: 93204665


Katharine Lorvik is an archaeologist who specialises in osteoarchaeology (skeletal analysis). She has worked at NIKU's regional office in Bergen since 2008.

Lorvik's main responsibilities include project planning and the execution of archaeological studies, skeletal analyses and the registration of cultural sites and monuments. She has experience of archaeological investigations and the recording of prehistoric and medieval findings, urban excavation, drilling in relation to environmental monitoring, investigations of cemeteries and the use of digital tools (GIS). Lorvik has worked on projects both in Norway and internationally.

She has an MA in Archaeology from the University of Bergen, which included a combination of courses in archaeology, cultural conservation and communication, and social anthropology. Lorvik specialised in osteoarchaeology and forensic archaeology at universities in Sweden and the UK.

MartensVibeke VandrupResearcher / archaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsOslo2335501792466628

Vibeke Vandrup MartensResearcher / archaeologist

Phone: 23355017Mobile: 92466628

Vibeke Vandrup Martens is an archaeologist and a researcher (Forsker III) and has worked at NIKU since 2006.

Her research focuses on preservation conditions for archaeological deposits, geoarchaeology and in situ preservation within the framework of the research projects; “Archaeological Deposits in a Changing Climate. In Situ Preservation of Farm Mounds in Northern Norway” (In Situ Farms) and  “In Situ Site Preservation of Archaeological Remains in the Unsaturated Zone” (In Situ SIS). Both projects are financed by the Research Council of Norway, the former additionally part financed by the Fram Centre for Polar Research. Martens is attached to the VU University of Amsterdam as a PhD candidate. She carries out environmental monitoring projects both within and outside the urban areas and conducts archaeological excavations in the medieval towns.

Martens has published papers on deposit monitoring, rural medieval settlements and on medieval pottery. She is an active participant at international archaeological conferences, and she holds positions both in the board and the editorial board of Collegium Medievale.

Martens holds master’s degrees in medieval archaeology from the University of Lund (Sweden) and Aarhus University (Denmark). Her work experience as an archaeologist, curator and researcher comes from the Museum of Cultural History in Lund, the Copenhagen City Museum, the Government of Åland, the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo and Vestfold County Archeology.


McLeesChristopherResearcher/archaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsTrondheim40494415

Christopher McLeesResearcher/archaeologist

Phone: Mobile: 40494415

Chris McLees is an archaeologist and researcher, employed in NIKU since 1995.

Based at NIKUs district office in Trondheim, his chief area of responsibility is the planning and supervision of archaeological excavations and surveys in the medieval town of Trondheim and its region. McLees has managed and directed urban archaeological projects in Trondheim, Tønsberg and Tromsø, as well as church excavations and churchyard surveys in the counties of South-Trøndelag, Nordland and Møre and Romsdal. He has also acted as advisor to excavations in the mining town and UNESCO World Heritage site of Røros. In 2009 he was awarded a PhD stipend affiliated to a major interdisciplinary research project funded by the Norwegian Research Council and led by NIKU (The post-medieval archaeological resource in and around Norwegian towns: heritage potential, protection and management), which examined the management of, and research into, post-medieval archaeology in Norway.

McLees’ publications cover a number of areas within the sphere of historical archaeology, including gaming, monastic archaeology, metalworking, minting, archaeological theory and method, the major excavations in the Archbishop’s Palace, Trondheim and Tønsberg’s harbour area, and the management of, and research into, post-medieval archaeology. In addition he has written about traces of pre-urban Iron-age settlement found within the city of Trondheim.

Prior to being employed by NIKU, McLees had acquired a number of years’ experience of archaeological fieldwork in Norway and abroad. He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in archaeology from The Queen’s University, Belfast.
OldhamMarkArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsOslo984 63 258

Mark Oldham

Phone: 984 63 258Mobile:


Mark Oldham is an archaeologist who has been employed as the department’s project coordinator since January 2017. His main areas of responsibility are NIKU’s guidelines for archaeological fieldwork, and providing support to archaeological projects run from all of NIKU’s offices.

He has varied archaeological field experience from the UK, Spain, Peru, the UAE and Norway. Before Mark started at NIKU in 2015, he worked for Oppland and Hedmark county authorities, Oslo City Heritage Office and the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo.

Oldham has an MA in Archaeology and Anthropology from the University of Cambridge, an MA in Archaeology from University College London and an MA in Cultural Heritage and International Development from the University of East Anglia. His specialist interests are in urban archaeology, public archaeology and heritage management.

PetersénAnna HelenaResearcher / archaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsTrondheim40550126

Anna Helena PetersénResearcher / archaeologist

Phone: Mobile: 40550126

Anna Petersén is an archaeologist and researcher. She is stationed at NIKUs office in Trondheim and has worked for NIKU since 1997. Petersén works mainly with medieval archaeology, and in particular with urban excavations in Trondheim, and has long time- experience in the management of large scale excavations. She also works with projects relating to archaeological deposit monitoring and is one of NIKUs specialists in this field. Petersén has published articles on this subject and is involved in one of the Institutes’ research project, In Situ Site Preservation of Archaeological Remains in the Unsaturated Zone” (In Situ SIS), financed by The Research Council of Norway.

Petersén is born in Sweden and has a degree from the University of Uppsala and Lund.

ReedIanResearcher / archaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsTrondheim92266779

Ian ReedResearcher / archaeologist

Phone: Mobile: 92266779

Ian Reed is an archaeologist and research scientist, and has worked at NIKU since 1994.

He is employed at NIKUs district office in Trondheim where his work is mainly concerned with planning and carrying out archaeological excavation within the medieval town of Trondheim. He has been project manager for a large number of excavations in Trondheim and several in Tromsø. In addition he has been responsible for the documentation of archaeological work at a number of medieval church sites in the counties of Møre and Romsdal, South and North Trøndelag and Nordland. He has also worked with finds recording and the development of a recording system.

He is a specialist on medieval and later ceramics, and has written a book about the post-medieval pottery industry in the counties of Trøndelag. He has further published a number of articles on the medieval pottery found on excavations in Trondheim and Tønsberg. In addition he has published articles on the environmental monitoring of archaeological deposits.

Reed has experience of archaeological fieldwork both in Norway and abroad, amongst others several years work in York. He has participated on the archaeological excavations in Trondheim since 1971 and was for many years archaeologist and assistant office manager at the Directorate of Cultural Heritages office in Trondheim.

Reed studied History at St. John’s College, York (part of Leeds University).


UnderhaugPerArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsBergen97131649

Per Underhaug

Phone: Mobile: 97131649


Per has a Master's Degree in Archaeology from the University of Bergen, which included courses on the history of religion and history.

He has previously worked on archaeological investigations such as pit excavations, mechanical monitoring, removal of top surfaces and excavations for Bergen Museum and NIKU. Per has extensive work experience, ranging from Stone Age digs to material from the Middle Ages.

He is particularly interested in stratigraphy, the formation of stratigraphic layers and how the study of material culture can contribute to an understanding of society.  He also considers archaeological dissemination to be of particular importance for cultural heritage work.