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AndersenElisabethArt historianBuildingsOslo2335520090517819

Elisabeth AndersenArt historian

Phone: 23355200Mobile: 90517819


Elisabeth Andersen is an art historian and has been working at NIKU since 2008.

She is working on projects related to churches and religious objects. She has previously worked on the documentation project Norges Kirker (, and is currently a part of a project defining criteria for assessing heritage values of listed churches in Norway. She specializes in medieval art, and her present research is on Madonna tabernacles from the period c. 1100-c. 1350.

She has a Cand. Philol. from the University of Oslo.

BergFredrikProject manager / adviserBuildingsOslo2335501546317495

Fredrik BergProject manager / adviser

Phone: 23355015Mobile: 46317495

Fredrik Berg has been a NIKU employee since early 2015 and is a conservation officer specializing in preservation and development of the built historic environment. His work involves counselling as well as R&D regarding sustainable management of historic urban areas in general, and challenges related to climate change and energy saving in historic buildings in particular.

Berg has a one year master degree in integrated conservation from Uppsala University.

DammannÅseEthnologistBuildingsOslo23355209 94836960

Åse DammannEthnologist

Phone: 23355209 Mobile: 94836960

Åse Dammann has been employed at NIKU as an ethnologist since 2005. Her key expertise is environmental monitoring, buildings and built environment in a cultural historic perspective, cultural heritage in a user and owners perspective, cultural heritage management, and the effects of altered use of churches.

From 2010 she has been project manager for the third cycle of surveys of the environmental monitoring program “Old buildings then and now”, run by The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage. The programme describes losses, alterations and current condition of SEFRAK-listed buildings older than 1900 in 18 Norwegian municipalities. The control surveys are carried out every fifth year, and the results are analysed in relation to numerous factors, such as socio-economic sector, physical and social geography, demographics, and building types.

Dammann has an MA in ethnology from The University of Oslo from 2003, and an MA in law from 1984. In 2007 and 2010 she studied Christian art and the history of church buildings at The Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo.

FlyenAnne CathrineResearcher / architectBuildingsOslo2335520890040152

Anne Cathrine FlyenResearcher / architect

Phone: 23355208Mobile: 90040152

Anne-Cathrine Flyen is an architect and researcher. She has worked at NIKU since 2000, with a break in 2002-2007, when she worked for the Governor of Svalbard.

Flyen's area of expertise is technical building preservation, including damage and condition assessments of buildings and structures, decay of structures and materials, climate-related damage, management of cultural heritage and cultural heritage preservation in polar regions. Flyen has wide experience in writing management plans for cultural heritage, especially for industrial heritage sites.

She has participated in a number of EU funded research projects on environmental monitoring and building damage, and has worked on large, interdisciplinary Norwegian projects. The latter have focused on cultural heritage sites and the environmental effects of wear and biological decay of cultural monuments.

Flyen has extensive experience in building research, and worked as a researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Building Research (now SINTEF-Building and Infrastructure) from 1988-1994. She also has extensive experience in public cultural heritage preservation and management, including from Byantikvaren, Municipality of Oslo (1994-1998), the Directorate for Cultural Heritage (1998-2000) and the Governor of Svalbard (2002-2007). Flyen is trained as an architect at NTNU in Trondheim. 

HaugenAnnikaHead of department/researcherBuildingsOslo2335506741643690

Annika HaugenHead of department/researcher

Phone: 23355067Mobile: 41643690

Annika Haugen has a Master’s degree in civil engineering and a PhD degree from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The title of her doctoral thesis was "Heating and conservation of medieval stone churches, a study of the climate in stone masonry.” Haugen has been working in architect’s offices in Sweden and at the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway. She has worked in NIKU since 1997.

Her main focus of research has been building technology related to masonry constructions, and questions regarding indoor climate and its influence on the building as well as the environment. In recent years she has also worked with the challenges related to climate change and energy saving in architecturally, historically and culturally valuable buildings. She works in the Building Department in NIKU.

Hvinden-HaugLars JacobSenior researcher / architectBuildingsOslo2335504992012424

Lars Jacob Hvinden-HaugSenior researcher / architect

Phone: 23355049Mobile: 92012424

Lars Jacob Hvinden-Haug has a PhD (Dr. ing.) and is an architect, and is employed as a researcher. He has been employed since 2006.

Besides his extensive experience of cultural heritage, through building archaeological surveys and cultural heritage of all periods, Hvinden-Haug has especially worked with the 17th and the 18th Century Norwegian architectural history in an international context and in the light of cultural history. This also applies to architecture related to interior and garden history. He is experienced with projects abroad.

Hvinden-Haug graduated as an architect from Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), and presented his PhD (Dr. ing.) dissertation in 2008; "The older Baroque in Norway – Typology and Use 1660-1733".



Bjørn Johansen

Phone: 23355028Mobile:

Bjørn V. Johansen is an art historian, specializing in architecture and the applied arts. He has further education in ethnology and museum studies. He has been a NIKU employee since May 2016.

Johansen’s key expertise is in 19th and early 20th century architecture. He is particularly interested in the historical and social context of buildings, as well as their immaterial meaning within the frames of landscape or cityscapes. Over the past ten years the architectural heritage of the University of Oslo has been a main occupation, including management, restoration and recreation of historical interiors.

Johansen has a long experience within the field of museums. Documentation, research, collection management, teaching and outreach activities have been some of his activities at museums like the Cultural History Museum and the Natural History Museum of Oslo. He has also been a curator at the National Museum of Norway and is a regular participant in broadcasts by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). Before joining the staff of NIKU, Johansen spent twelve years as head of the University History Museum, University of Oslo.
LedenSivAdviser / Master of ArchitectureBuildingsOslo23355206

Siv LedenAdviser / Master of Architecture

Phone: 23355206Mobile:

Siv Leden has a Master's degree in Architecture from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), with further education in restoration, building conservation and architectural history from the Royal Institute of Art, Sweden.

She has been employed at NIKU since March 2015. Specialising in conservation of cultural monuments, her field of expertise includes legislation, assessment of cultural heritage value, documentation and the preservation and restoration of buildings.

Leden has extensive experience working with national conservation of cultural heritage. She worked for twelve years as a senior advisor at the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, working primarily with conservation regulation / the Cultural Heritage Act and the Listed Buildings Project, listed churches and restoration of nationally significant buildings. From 2012-2014, Leden worked in the Museums Section of the Arts Council Norway, developing a method for prioritisation regarding the conservation of museums’ collections of buildings. She also has experience working for architectural firms and in communal building application procedure.


MeyerReginResearcher / archaeologistBuildingsOslo2335520195267675

Regin MeyerResearcher / archaeologist

Phone: 23355201Mobile: 95267675

Regin Meyer is an archaeologist, specializing in medieval archaeology, building archaeology and building preservation.

His work focuses mainly on stone buildings and ruins from the Middle Ages. This includes the interpretation of building constructions and remains in their original context, and in addition condition analysis and formulating plans of action. He is also involved in documentation and survey projects where advanced technology is involved, such as laser scanning and geophysical methods.

Meyer has a master degree from the University of Oslo and studies in medieval history and medieval archaeology at the University of St Andrews and the University of Lund. His previous employment has combined field archaeology with practical restoration on medieval buildings and ruins.
StornesJan MichaelSenior engineerBuildingsOslo2335503097063980

Jan Michael StornesSenior engineer

Phone: 23355030Mobile: 97063980

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