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BergSveinung KrokannResearcher / human geographerHeritage and SocietyOslo23355153 90501836

Sveinung Krokann BergResearcher / human geographer

Phone: 23355153 Mobile: 90501836

Sveinung Krokann Berg is a researcher and human geographer at the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) and is currently working on a PhD at the Department for Planning, Property and Law at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

Krokann Berg’s research field lies at the intersection between innovation of new urban structures and adaptation of existing urban landscapes as a contribution to development. Identifying the opportunities in this intersection means respecting what already exists, and an openness to how adaptive reuse of existing structures may re-energize inventive activity. The bias of this research has been on how cultural heritage may serve as a framework for understanding and interpreting the possible futures and represent value in cultural as well as economic respect. Recent cases for research have involved urban development projects in several cities with an emphasis on transformation of industrial sites in a post-industrial context.

BraathenNinaHR DirectorManagementOslo9807427498074274

Nina BraathenHR Director

Phone: 98074274Mobile: 98074274

Nina Braathen is the HR director at NIKU. Nina qualified as a social worker at the Norwegian State College of Local Government Administration and Social Work (NKSH). In spring 2016 she is completing an Executive Master of Management degree from BI Norwegian Business School, where she has studied HRM (human resource management), employment and labour law and consulting.

Nina has been employed at NIKU since 2016. She has formerly worked as a consultant and manager for three boroughs in the City of Oslo. Before joining NIKU, she worked as an HR manager for the Norwegian Confederation of Sports.
EriksenStefkaResearch DirectorManagementOslo2335520590707539

Stefka EriksenResearch Director

Phone: 23355205Mobile: 90707539

Stefka G. Eriksen is the research director at NIKU. Her main responsibilities are to:
  • Assist the development, progress, and finalization of NIKU’s research projects, including PhD projects;
  • Support and assist NIKU’s researchers with the preparation of funding applications, especially to Horizon 2020 and the Norwegian Research Council;
  • Motivate and assess the researchers’ publishing activities and strategies;
  • Coordinate yearly evaluation of the researchers’ competence and level of expertise, together with NIKU’s General Director;
  • Coordinate and conduct various statistics and reports of NIKU’s research activities.

Stefka’s academic background is from interdisciplinary medieval studies and she has studied Nordic archaeology, art history, history, and literary studies. She has a PhD degree from the University of Oslo (2010), with a dissertation focusing on book history and manuscript culture in France, Norway, and Iceland, c. 1200-1500. Further, she has published on intellectual culture, pedagogy, and attitudes to knowledge in Old Norse culture, from theoretical perspectives such as material philology, translation theory, poly-system theory, and cognitive theory.

HaugenAnnikaHead of department/researcherBuildingsOslo2335506741643690

Annika HaugenHead of department/researcher

Phone: 23355067Mobile: 41643690

Annika Haugen has a Master’s degree in civil engineering and a PhD degree from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The title of her doctoral thesis was "Heating and conservation of medieval stone churches, a study of the climate in stone masonry.” Haugen has been working in architect’s offices in Sweden and at the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway. She has worked in NIKU since 1997.

Her main focus of research has been building technology related to masonry constructions, and questions regarding indoor climate and its influence on the building as well as the environment. In recent years she has also worked with the challenges related to climate change and energy saving in architecturally, historically and culturally valuable buildings. She works in the Building Department in NIKU.

JohansenLise-Marie ByeHead of department / archaeologistArchaeological excavations Archaeological excavationsOslo2335504348137516

Lise-Marie Bye JohansenHead of department / archaeologist

Phone: 23355043Mobile: 48137516

Lise-Marie Bye Johansen is an archaeologist and has been working at NIKU since 2005. Johansen works mainly on archaeological excavation projects in Oslo, but also on projects relating to environmental monitoring.

She has been project manager for both large and projects, all related to the city development of Bjørvika in Oslo.

She has a lot of experience in planning and carrying out archaeological projects on building sites. Lise-Marie is a graduate of the University of Oslo.

LønnumMarie LouiseDirector of financeManagementOslo2335515498203096

Marie Louise LønnumDirector of finance

Phone: 23355154Mobile: 98203096


Marie Louise Lønnum is the Director of Finance at NIKU.

MyrvollElin RoseHead of department / researcher / archaeologistHigh NorthTromsø7775042495062570

Elin Rose MyrvollHead of department / researcher / archaeologist

Phone: 77750424Mobile: 95062570

Elin Rose Myrvoll is the Head of the High North Department in Tromsø, and has worked for NIKU since 1999.

Myrvoll's main areas of expertise are in northern Norwegian and Sami archaeology and cultural history, GIS (geographic information systems), landscape analyses, impact assessments, and the recording and documentation of cultural monuments.

Myrvoll previously worked in cultural heritage management in Finnmark county, and spent two years at the Várjjat Sámi Museum/Nesseby muncipality. She has managed and participated in several projects focused on northern Norwegian and Sami cultural history.

Myrvoll holds a PhD from the University of Tromsø.

PaascheKnutHead of department / researcher / archaeologistDigital documentation, Culture Heritage and LandscapeOslo2335521199511510

Knut PaascheHead of department / researcher / archaeologist

Phone: 23355211Mobile: 99511510

Dr Philos. Knut Paasche is an archaeologist and researcher; he is also head of the Archaeological department and the department of Digital Documentation, Cultural Heritage and Landscape at NIKU.
Paasche has worked as an archaeologist for more than 25 years, four of these as county archaeologist in Buskerud County. He has led many archaeological excavation- and registration-projects all around Norway. He has archaeological experience of all periods from the Stone Age, through the medieval period and up to modern times. His specialities are primarily the Viking period and the Middle Ages with a main focus surveying heavily stratified cultural heritage sites and the excavation of medieval towns. In addition, he spent four years working on ship archaeology and deputized as collections manager at The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Later, Paasche, in addition to creating and proposing a new reconstruction of the Tune ship, led a research project on a new documentation and reconstruction of the Oseberg ship.
His current research focus is primarily on methodological approaches to archaeology and includes new opportunities and technical innovations for improved field documentation: satellite recording, electronic scanning and geophysical methods. Paasche is furthermore head of the Norwegian part of the "Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological prospection and Virtual Archaeology", and several project funded by the Norwegian Research Council. Paasche holds a Master degree in Nordic Archaeology with focus on the Middle Ages. In his doctoral thesis he wrote about the documentation and reconstruction of archaeological objects, using a reconstruction of the Tune ship as an example.

Paludan-MüllerCarstenGeneral DirectorManagementOslo2335501093266841

Carsten Paludan-MüllerGeneral Director

Phone: 23355010Mobile: 93266841

Carsten Paludan-Müller is General Director at NIKU.

He is particularly focused on the institute's framework conditions and strategic directions for research and disciplinary development. Paludan-Müller also works to promote NIKU's international involvement and to further develop its network.

For years, Paludan-Müller has lent expertise to the Council of Europe's work on developing and following up on the conventions on cultural heritage.

He is a member of the “Deutsches Archäeologisches Institut”; a scientific adviser for CRIC, which is a project on cultural heritage and conflict funded by the EU and coordinated by Cambridge University; a member of the Board of the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History at the University of Oslo; and a member of the Board of the "Miljøalliansen" ("Environmental Alliance", the interest organisation for the environmental research institutes).

Paludan-Müller has had a long career in Denmark as a county archaeologist, museum director and as a director in Danish national cultural heritage management. He held a one-year British Council Scholarship at Cambridge before completing his magister (second cycle) degree in prehistoric archaeology at the University of Copenhagen.