Knut Fageraas

  • Ethnologist —
  • Forsker

Phonenumber: 23355207/ 99518027


  • Heritage and society —
  • Kulturarv og samfunn

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Knut Fageraas is an ethnologist and researcher at NIKU. Besides ethnology, he has studied political science, history and art history. He started working at NIKU in 2006.

His main work experience in the heritage field is related to cultural valuing of heritage and processes of economic added value, the dissonant relation of local versus regional/national heritage values, world heritage, environmental management, building heritage, technical and industrial cultural heritage.

He has a particular interest in the primary industries (history of agriculture, forestry and the fisheries) and heritage and the management of the outfields, as well as industrial history. He has written books on Norwegian forestry and outfield management and Norwegian forestry and the pulp and paper industry.

Currently he is working on a PhD about World Heritage with a case study of The Vega Archipelago World Heritage Area on the Helgeland Coast in northern Norway. The study is part of the research work at NIKU and is in affiliation with the Institute of Cultural Studies (IKOS) at the University of Oslo.

Knut has partaken in several research projects on Norwegian world heritage sites and places which, by Norwegian natural and cultural heritage management, are designated for projects of value creation with natural and cultural heritage. He has recently also been engaged in the documentation project related to the history and cultural heritage of the Norwegian State Forest and Land Corporation, along with various project recording cultural heritage buildings, industrial facilities and technical monuments.

Previously, Knut has worked at several museum institutions: The Norwegian Forest Museum, Elverum, Klevfos Industrial Museum, Løten, (2003-2006), Oslo Museum (2002-2003) and the Hedmark Museum, Hamar, (1992-1998). He has also worked in the media company Siste Nytt Gruppen AS (1999-2001).