Stefka Eriksen: The self in social spaces

Stefka Eriksen

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Stefka G. Eriksen is the research director at NIKU. Her main responsibilities are to:

– Assist the development, progress, and finalization of NIKU’s research projects, including PhD projects;
– Support and assist NIKU’s researchers with the preparation of funding applications, especially to Horizon 2020 and the Norwegian Research Council;
– Motivate and assess the researchers’ publishing activities and strategies;
– Coordinate yearly evaluation of the researchers’ competence and level of expertise, together with NIKU’s General Director;
– Coordinate and conduct various statistics and reports of NIKU’s research activities.

Stefka’s academic background is from interdisciplinary medieval studies and she has studied Nordic archaeology, art history, history, and literary studies. She has a PhD degree from the University of Oslo (2010), with a dissertation focusing on book history and manuscript culture in France, Norway, and Iceland, c. 1200-1500. Further, she has published on intellectual culture, pedagogy, and attitudes to knowledge in Old Norse culture, from theoretical perspectives such as material philology, translation theory, poly-system theory, and cognitive theory.